"The Universal Link for Life"

Discover the Complete MICRO-UMBILICAL SYSTEM for Terresterial & Subsea Ops

Life-Support Systems' micro-umbilical based life-support technology, supports all services and systems required for safe & efficient human intervention,  in any extreme environment: subsea or terrestrial. 

This video demonstrates the myriad of new systems and technologies LSS' new Universal Operating Platform supports in the Extreme Environment Industry.

LSS' goal: to begin production and delivery in Q1, 2024.  The components and systems presented here are proof-of-concept. They  have been successfully tested and demonstrated in subsea environments.  Demonstration Videos are  available upon request.

Universal Life-Support System for Every Extreme Environment

LSS’ Technology is the world’s first "Universal Operating Platform" to  deliver all current & future "Advanced  Life-Support Technologies" to professionals  operating in any  Extreme Environment, both Subsea & Terrestrial.

New breakthrough capabilities for Industrial  & Municipal Infrastructure Maintenance & Inspection;  Oil/Gas/Renewable Energy Production, Distribution, Storage;  DoD/ Military, EOD/UXO, Law Enforcement, 1st Responder S & R; Environmental Preservation/ Restoration; Maritime Science & Education;  Commercial Transportation (Land, Sea, Air); Media & Entertainment.

LSS' disruptive technologies are supported by sixty (60) granted patents, in thirty-seven (37) territories.

Rapid Deployment

LSS's complete four (4) person life-support system, "flies as regular luggage on a commercial airline." And easily transported by a single individual.

Global A/V Communications

The Industrial PC-based VDCPak supports full A/V Zoom-like communications between globally remote SME's and "in situ" operators. With local &  cloud documentation. 

"AI" / Big Data Integration

The system will support increased  situational awareness through  real-time  data sensors and tools - for real time AI analytics, both local and remote. 

Biometrics, CBRNE

The platform will support the integration  of Biometrics & Environmental CBRNE analysis.  And triage of mass casualty events.  

 Sonar/Video, 3-D CAD

Will support Sonar to Video to provide 100' visability in "Black water".  Or ability to "laser paint" confined environments for real-time 3D CAD generation.

R/T Thermal Protection

Supports systems for Dynamic "in suit"  Heating and / or Cooling when operating in extreme temperature environments.

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Gas Distribution System = Supports Four ReelPaks

Breathing Gas IN: Any high pressure source, up to 6,000 psi. Including LSS' SixPak.  Six (6) cascaded, "swappable" SCBA cylinders are manifolded into a single  528 c.ft. volume package, at half the weight of a steel K tank.

Integrated Inlet Pressure Regulator allows the end-user to select any stable Gas OUT  pressure (recommended 1,200 psi).  Includes 800 PSI Low Pressure Gas Alarm.

Backup SCBA is for uninterruptible temporary use, during cylinder cycling (if source is individual SCBA/SCUBA cylinders).

Each Gas OUT is independently terminable.


Micro-Umbilical Deployment System

300' micro-umbilical "the size of your little finger."  2'x2'x2' Deployment System easily transports by a single person.  Four  technicians are supported with a single GasPak.

Includes Ultra-flexible, Micro- HP Breathing Gas Line (Safety Rated to14,500 psi)

CAT6 Data Cable to support Massive Digital Data Transmission (i.e., >1080P Video, Audio, Biometrics, CBRNE, Sonar to Video, HUD, etc.)

Four -Wire Audio Backup Circuit for direct connection of any standard analog audio communication device.  May be used for additional analog-based technology.

Two,  switchable , 12-24VDC Power Circuits for devices and multiple, high powered LED's 

Independent "Amsteel Blue" tether, rated to 4,500 lbs. All weight is supported by the tether only, with no stress upon gas, power, data cables

Gas connects to one side, all power/data/communications on the second. All systems live, upon connection.


Independent Bailout for Subsea / Terrestrial Operations. 

Independent, variably mounted (front, side, back) bailout system, for both subsea & terrestrial confined hazmat space operations.  Four-port (subsea) gas block  provides instantly switchable, Triple Air Redundancy in SSA configuration.

Port 1: 1st Stage Regulator connects to HP Umbilical Gas Line. In the event of interruption, the center selector knob may be rotated towards the back, to breath from back mounted tank. In the event of back tank interruption,  rotate the selector to the independent front mounted tank.

Ports 2 & 3: Independent 2nd Stage to "buddy breath" with 2nd party (or victim rescue). Includes second 7' LP hose from 1st stage regulator.  Allows two "full face masked" (FFM) divers to "buddy-breath" (from main gas supply) with no diver removing their mask.

In the event of entanglement, diver may execute a complete equipment ditch.  To jettison BCD & Tanks & Umbilical, and  ascend with the PonyPak Bailout and no removal of the full face mask.


Video, Data Communications Package 

Fully Networked (Local & Remote) Video, Data, Communications. With dual, independent power supplies. PS1 is dedicated to the PC.  PS2 is  dedicated to LCD Monitor & LED's.

Instant-On: The entire systems sets up automatically with zero human intervention. All umbilical systems, including Video, Audio, GPS, 5G internet connection to remote operators, and  IP software / hardware systems self-actuate from "power-on." 

Supports real-time Zoom-like A/V conferencing between four (4) "in situ" ReelPak technicians, plus local tender, and multiple remotely located SME's (via Quad-Diversity 5G Internet).

Includes GPS, Wired & Wireless LAN, Bluetooth (BT), External HDMI, 1TB SSD for local recording. Mirror Backup to both Cloud and four (4) USB 3.0 Ports.

Includes tender-switchable LED power, wireless (BT) Keyboard / Touchpad.

Power source is switchable between 110/220VAC and 18VDC.

Supports the integration of any umbilical deliverable IP based technology. 


1st Stage Regulator, with HP Gas IN port.

Patented, Ice-rate 1st stage regulator, with High Pressure Gas IN port.  Supports the direct connection of LSS' HP Umbilical Gas Supply to the first stage.  Provides real-time "breath for breath" refilling of the diver's back tank.

Note:  The back tank provides non-independent air redundancy.  This configuration is suitable for shallow (or swift-water) diving conditions, where the front-mounted PonyPak Redundant Bailout System may be problematic, but the diver still requires all the power, data, communications & tether security, provided by the LSS Umbilical System.

UPSPak  PowerPak

UPSPak (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Converts 110/220VAC to 18/12/5VDC across ten (10) independently fused/switchable circuits.

In the event of external power failure, automatically switches to 40Ah LiFePo4 Battery for multiple hours of continuous operation.

Supports the VDCPak, plus dual switchable power circuits to each of four (4) ReelPaks.  56W USB charges both cell phones and laptops.

PowerPak. In the event operations take place where no AC power is available, the PowerPak, provides four (4) circuits of 60Ah 18VDC, plus 56W USB charger power for cell phones & laptops.

May be upgraded to 100Ah.

Integrated Mobile Platform for Terrestrial & Subsea Operations

Many teams and organizations operate in both subsea and terrestrial environments. LSS can provide the complete package for both commercial and municipal operations.

The Mobile Platform integrates up to two (2) complete four (4) technician systems for rapid deployment and near-instant operability.  Includes integrated compressor for on location/during transport  refilling of breathing gas and sufficient electrical power to support UPSPak and PowerPak.

LSS Booth at FDIC, Showing Complete Product Line

Short 60-second Video, shows all Life-Support Systems components for both Subsea & Terrestrial operations.  

Note: the VDCPak shown here is "1st Generation." And has been replaced with the product/specifications stated above.


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